Making Marketo work for you.

You found the answer to your marketing strategy in the most powerful marketing automation platform on the market, but it’s left you with more question marks. To make the most of Marketo, you need the right talent, the right strategy, the right content, the right data – it’s a lot. What you really need is the right partner.

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Marketo as a Service, at your service.

With your own dedicated team of Marketo Experts, you’ll have the best and brightest resources to help you design, build, implement, and measure Marketo campaigns.


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Leave it all to the pros.
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Campaign Execution

Setting your campaign up for success with Marketo best practices.

  • Email, engagement & event programs
  • A/B testing
  • Monthly analytics reviews
  • Program set-up and optimization

Content Development

Driving engagement with the right messages for your audience.

  • Email and landing page design and copy
  • eBooks, animated videos, infographics, and interactive content
  • Content strategy

Campaign Strategy

Creating full-funnel campaigns that inspire, educate, nurture, and convert.

  • Campaign metrics and objectives
  • Buyer persona definition and targeting
  • ABM planning
  • Multi-channel integration and support

Data Governance

Ensuring sound processes and practices are in place, followed, and managed.

  • Data deduplication
  • Data enrichment
  • Data engagement monitoring
  • Field and form optimization


The more we put into it,
the more you get out of it.

Lower the cost of running Marketo

The cost of MaaS is equivalent to about 75% of hiring internally. Get “always on” best practices and save money.

Accelerate pipeline

Save time with higher quality leads through increased and improved engagement.

Drive revenue growth

Turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

Build happier, more productive teams

Provide sales and marketing the insight and power to focus on what they do best and succeed.

Breathe easier

Find relief from manual processes and put your struggles with Marketo behind you.

Stand taller

Feel confident that your marketing automation needs are in the right hands.

Sleep better

Enjoy sweeter dreams knowing that you’re getting the full value of your Marketo investment.

Marketo as a Service - Overview
The next best thing to sitting back and
letting the leads roll in.
Quality marketing automation with Marketo takes work – hard work that we’re not only willing to do, but also certified to do.


A solution for every size.

Find the one that fits your needs.


The Essentials

Ideal for start-ups & small businesses.

10 Campaigns per month
Up to 2 Engagement Campaigns
Onboarding setup
Monthly analytics reviews


The Established

Ideal for mid-sized organizations.

50 Campaigns per month
Up to 10 Engagement Campaigns
Onboarding setup
Monthly analytics reviews


The Elaborate

Ideal for large companies.

100 Campaigns per month
Up to 20 Engagement Campaigns
Onboarding setup
Monthly analytics reviews


The Elite

Ideal for global corporations.

200 Campaigns per month
Up to 40 Engagement Campaigns
Onboarding setup
Monthly analytics reviews

The Essentials

Ideal for start-ups & small businesses

The Established

Ideal for mid-sized organizations

The Elaborate

Ideal for large companies

The Elite

Ideal for global corporations
Number of campaigns per month 10 50 100 200
Engagement Campaigns Up to 2 Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 40
Onboarding setup
Monthly analytics reviews

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Here’s what our clients have to say. (Excuse us while we blush.)

  • Demand Spring has been critical in helping us drive engagement with our prospects and clients. Not only did they elevate our use of Marketo—providing us with flawless campaign execution, rigorous A/B testing, insight into campaign performance, and email copy advisory— they also identified and implemented improvements in the core functionality of the platform.

    Jodi Carretani Director of Demand Generation Vidyard


You’re not the only one wondering…

What's included in MaaS?

All our packages start with Marketo Campaign Execution as a base. Our team will run your email, event, engagement, and default programs. Clients can then choose to add any or all three components: Content Development, Campaign Strategy, and Data Governance.

Why should I consider MaaS?

Three reasons: 1) Finding and keeping skilled Marketo talent is difficult, 2) We apply best practices in campaign and content strategy and implementation, and 3) Our pricing is also more cost-effective than hiring an in-house employee. So you get always-on talent with proven strategies to maximize results at a lower price. MaaS pricing is up to 75% of the cost of hiring internally. Download our MaaS story for more convincing.

How long is a MaaS contract?

MaaS is an annual program, providing you the Marketo Campaign Execution services you need for a full twelve months.

How does the pricing work for MaaS?

MaaS is priced by the number of campaigns you run per month, ranging from 10 to 200. We offer four packages. A single email is considered a campaign, as is an event such as a webinar.

Does MaaS include Marketo implementation?

MaaS is focused on executing your Marketo campaigns after implementation. That said, Demand Spring does offer Marketo implementation and optimization services outside of MaaS. Our team of Marketo Certified Experts has helped many clients with their migration to Marketo – from implementing it as their marketing automation platform to optimizing an existing deployment. For more information visit:


Need help setting up Marketo first?

While it’s not part of the offerings from MaaS, Demand Spring also has a team of Marketo Certified Experts that can help you fully implement or optimize your Marketo instance.


Whether you’re new to marketing automation or migrating from another MAP platform, you’ll be covered. Using MaaS Implementation Methodology, we’ll take care of all the configuration and integration details, and launch of all of Marketo’s capabilities.


You’ve implemented Marketo but not really. It’s only being used today as an email platform. Demand Spring will make sure you’re fully up and running on capabilities such as lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead lifecycle, and Marketo’s analytics engine.